Rachel Bird


I have always loved exercising, but it has been a bumpy road and always been motivated by weight loss and achieving that ‘Goal body weight’. A few years ago, I heard about something called CrossFit and was fascinated by it. Seeing female athletes that were strong and not like the typical ‘fit’ image was very appealing to me. Although at the time, there wasn’t a local CrossFit box, I would have a go at CrossFit inspired workouts in the gym and discovered a love for kettlebells. I completed a course for teaching kettlebells, although at the time I only used it for my own training. Fast forward to 2016 and to the opening of CrossFit 5451 in the Clare Valley. I was there for a session on the first day and was hooked! Since then, not only has my fitness and strength grown it has taught me to believe in myself and to reach for things that I thought were un-achievable.

What I love about CrossFit is the use of functional movements, something you can apply to everyday life and its focus on health and wellness. It is also for everybody. From kids to grandparents, you can gain strength and mobility to remain healthy for your whole life. This has created a passion in me that I never knew existed, where I want to help others to feel strong and confident within themselves. CrossFit is also about community and celebrating achievements all together. There is no louder cheer than when seeing a fellow member reach a personal goal and no workout is complete without high 5’s all round!


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Kettlebells Level 1
  • Provide First Aid/CPR
  • Working with Children Clearance (DCSI)

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