Kiara Pudney

CrossFit Kids Coach | Coordinator

During the day I am a junior primary teacher at Auburn Primary and before or after school you’ll find me at the CrossFit box, hanging with my dog or with my family and friends.

I am very passionate about helping others in the attempt to help them grow and develop to their full potential. I love working with children as they are so full of energy and imagination. It is the most rewarding profession and I love seeing them acquire new knowledge and abilities. I believe that the CrossFit Kids program has the ability to develop fundamental life skills and a love for health and wellbeing in a fun and engaging way. CrossFit has changed my mindset and pushed me out of my comfort zone to be fitter physically, mentally and emotionally. I love that CrossFit is accessible to anyone at any ability level. Being part of this CrossFit gym is more than just a place to exercise for me, it is being part of a supportive community who are all striving to reach their own goals.


  • Bachelor of Education – Early Childhood
  • CrossFit Kids Certificate
  • BELS (Basic Emergency Life Support) First Aid Certificate
  • Responding to Abuse and Neglect -Education and Care Training
  • Working with Children Clearance (DCSI)


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